Graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Faculty of Medicine before going to practice at Suwa Central Hospital in Nagano. He became the Director of the hospital when he was still in his thirties and succeeded in reviving the hospital which had been on the verge of bankruptcy. He started a campaign for gHealthy Livingh and Nagano Prefecture, which previously had high incidence of strokes, became the longest living prefecture in Japan, and also an area known for having affordable health care. Japanese women have the longest life expectancy in the world, and men the fourth longest, making Japan the longest living country in the world. Mr Kamata has been the President of the Japan-Chernobyl Foundation for 25 years, since 1991, through which he has organized over 100 medical and humanitarian aid missions to areas affected by the disaster in Belarus, and donated medical equipment for health checks and to treat leukemia and thyroid cancer totaling more than 1.4 billion yen (approx $US 11.7m ). In 2004 he started working to support Iraq. As the leader of the NGO, Japan Iraq Medical Network (JIM-NET) he sent 400 million yen's worth of medication to 4 children's hospitals in Iraq over 10 years, and continues to provide medical consultation in refugee camps in and around the northern Iraqi town of Erbil, an are where the extremist group gIslamic Stateh is running riot and which has been hit by areal bombing raids have . After the March 11th Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami he was one of the first to go to people's aid, and giving 100% through many different approaches, always trying to find a way to ghelp othersh.

Name KAMATA Minoru
Occupation Doctor/Writer
Honorary Director of Suwa Central Hospital, Chair Person of the Japan-Chernobyl Foundation (JCF), Director of Japan Iraq Medical Network (JIM-NET), Tokyo Medical and Dental University Professor of Medicine, Part-time Lecturer at the Tokai University School of Medicine. : :
Date of birth June 28th, 1948
University Graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Faculty of Medicine in 1974
Awards 2009 Best Father Yellow Ribbon (Academics and Culture), 2011 Cultural Award by Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) etc.
Authored Works Best seller gGanbaranaih (Don't Try Too Hard), gYuki to Pineappleh (Snow and Pineapple), gChoi-futo de daijobuh (It's Okay to be a Bit Fath), gAhmed's Relay of Lifeh, gGaman shinakuteiih (You Don't Need to Hold Yourself Back), gNingenrashiku hentekodeiih (It's Okay to be Human it's Okay to be Strange) (Shueisha Inc); gKotobade chiryosuruh (Treat it with Words) (Asahi Newspaper Publishing); gHekotarenaih (Don't Loose Heart) gYokubaranaih (Don't be Greedy) (PHP Interface); gWet Capitalismh (Nihon Keizai Shimbun publishing company); gKamata Minoru's Happiness Nursingh (Chuohoki Publishing Co., Ltd.); gDaiEDaioujyouh (A Very Peaceful Death) (Shogakukan); gMaru ni chikai sankaku wo ikiruh (Don't Worry about Always Being Correct in Life), gKudari nonakade noboriwo ikiruh (Live it Up when Life is Going Down Hill) (Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd.); gHorensowa naiteimasuh (The Spinach is Crying) (Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd. Paper Backs) and more. His latest book g1% no chikarah (The Power of 1%) (Kawade Shobo Shinsa) is very popular.
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