1974 Graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Faculty of Medicine. Goes on to practice as a Physician at Suwa Central Hospital in Nagano where he gets involved in Community Health Care.
1988 Became Director of Suwa Centra Hospital. Is committed to delivering “Health Care that is Made with the People”
1991 Founds the Japan - Chernobyl Foundation. Provides Medical Aid to the Republic of Belarus after areas are affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident.
2000 Receives the “Peace & Cooperative Journalist Fund Honorable Award” (JCF)
2001 Receives the “Order of Francysk Skaryna” from the Republic of Belarus (JCF)
2004  Commences Medical Aid to 4 Pediatric Hospitals in Iraq (JIM-NET) Receives the “Nagai Takashi Nagasaki Peace Award” (JCF) Organises a “Barrier Free Tour”, and continues to travel twice a year with people with disabilities as a volunteer
2006 Founds the Label “Ganbaranai” and produces the Jazz Album “Himawari” (Sunflower) by SAKATA Akira. All profits from the CD sales are used to support Iraq, Chernobyl and Disaster Hit Tohoku Areas. Awarded the “Yomiuri International Cooperation Prize” (JCF) Commences a Chocolate selling campaign to help Fukushima, Iraq and Syrian Refugees. Provides medical consultations in Iraqi Refugee Camps (JIM-NET)
2009 Releases 3rd classical CD under the label “Ganbaranai” called “Furusato – Prague no Haru” (Home Town, Spring in Prague) by VLADAN KOCI
2010 Travels to Palestine to Cover the Story of “Ahmed's Relay of Life”
2011 Awarded the Cultural Award by Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK). Starts work to provide support to area hit by the Great East Japan Disaster immediately after it struck.
2012 Appears in NHK World News from Gaza 2013 “Ahmed's Relay of Life” (Shueisha Inc) is translated into English, Arabic and Hebrew. Hands out the book in Israel, Palestine West Back, Gaza etc and opens discussions about Peace.
2014 Views the inside of Chernobyl Nuclear Plant and covers the situation during the Ukrainian anti-government lockout. Continues refugee camp relief work and supporting the Tohoku region.
2015 Travels to Refugee Camp in Northern Iraq, an area that has seen attacks by “Islamic State”
Currently Honourary Director of Suwa Central Hospital, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Professor of Medicine, Part-time Lecturer at the Tokai University School of Medicine, Chair Person of the Japan-Chernobyl Foundation (JCF), Director of Japan Iraq Medical Network (JIM-NET).